Cultclassik Proudly Presents… “The Dusty Mirror Reflects Who?” – *P. Diddy*

Date: 09/12/14
Artist: P. Diddy, Diddy, Puff Daddy
Genre: commercial rap
Best Song: “coming home” featuring Skylar Gray

Here we go…

-Why P. Diddy has effortlessly ruined commercial rap music videos.

It all occurred to me recently when I was watching an older French Montana rap music video, that P. Diddy has subtly and psychologically gained his greedy-self easy access into various commercial rap star’s music videos and his casual approach is so damn sly it’s even hard to notice what’s he doing, initially.


Diddy is not really making that much music nowadays like he once did dating back to the 90’s. Yet, even back in his hip hop hay-days, that was when the musical art-form was easily thriving and genuinely real, he still wasn’t anything special, and was a sub-par rapper at best! However, what he did correct was locating the right rap artists to sign to his notorious “bad-boy” records label and he stood behind them 100%, thus rap magic was wonderfully created. Nonetheless, now the hip-hop game is verily different from, say 1997. Now, before you judge me, I, in no way, shape or form am knocking any of his famous strong work ethic at all, no-no, none whatsoever and to reiterate another important point, I’m not even criticizing his rap-game-hustle, which actually happens to be razor-sharp, but ultimately this guy really just gets on the very top of my last, sore-as-hell nerve.

Is it any wonder?

Why is this guy in almost every popular, commercial rap-star’s music video? Whether it be via the means of Youtube or MTV, he’s fucking everywhere. For example, we take the famous French Montana street anthem, “ain’t worried about nothing”, and oh boy does it suck. Not only is the beat completely watered-down alongside shitty lyrics (sorry Karim) but it’s just freakin’ boring, yet Diddy pops up in it only to overly visually brag about who he is, standing alongside French with an obsessive amount of gold chains and he does it with a very braggadocio sense.

Now, I am not knocking French either. To be quite honest with y’all, he is in my “top-ten” favorite rappers of all time list, and if you ask anyone who knows me, they’ll effortlessly exclaim to you that I am probably one of his biggest fans. I’ve been listening to that guy since the “Mac N Cheese” mixtape vol. one.

Now that’s dedication.

Also, I am not a general hater either. Yet, I cannot stand P. Diddy.

You want to know what’s funny? On a side note, when I went to type in the word “Diddy” on my iphone, it autocorrected his name to the word, “Sissy”! Ha. Now that’s a bit ironic, don’t you think?

Now, some of you Diddy fans out there, or simply, rap fans, may be thinking I am a bit of a “hater” but sincerely I guarantee you I am not. I remember when I first heard Diddy on a B.I.G. track back in the late 90’s and I actually liked (what was then Puff Daddy’s) vocals and a song I am not going to particularly name which was one of my favorite childhood rap songs.


Mr. P. Diddy, or Puff or whatever the fuck stupid name he labels himself as of nowadays is just a greedy, egotistical brag-show, and displays such a notion almost in all the videos he stars in of the various commercial rappers that he “owns” to this very day.

It’s sad to see when you have an artist like French Montana be in his neighborhood backdrop for his “hard” street anthem, hanging with the bangers and such, and then it flashes to three bottles of Ciroc, (Puff’s famous vodka brand).

Let’s just try to keep it simple guys and retrace back to the original roots of what hip hop once was, and not rather, now, all about P. “Fucking” Diddy showboating all his grotesque wealth.

By the way, I love ya’ French, you still remain one of my “top-ten” rappers to this day. Word of advice? Get more work done with Harry Fraud. A great producer. A wonderful rapper.

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