Main Attrakionz – “cloud life”⛅️

I wanna show you a view of this cloud life. -squadda b



Kendrick Lamar’s verse: “blessed” by ScHoolboy Q (explicit content)🔞

ab is on the bridge.


Everybody ain’t (blessed my nigga)
Yes, my nigga, you’re blessed
Take advantage, do your best, my nigga
Don’t stress, you was granted everything inside this planet
Anything you imagine, you possess, my nigga
You reject these niggas, that neglect, your respect
For the progress of a baby step, my nigga.


Cultclassik Presents…A Word With The After-Word – *social progression*

What is the age of innocence? What serves as the essential catalyst for the hopeful bind of release we need to calmly feel our full range of emotions? Someday we’ll be sure to regret that we had departed instead of integrating our hearts. However, as this eminent factor simply tries to slip away from us, like feet firmly placed atop a designer rug, we shape the inevitable mold of time to an understandable form. So, after the memento of our spirits flee us, and before it supersedes us, the manners of desire and pure intentions are spring-cast like fly-fishing on an overcast day.

Today we analyze a varying definition of a rather hard-to-explain aspect of the human condition. In this essay you’ll experience my overall perception.

It is said that we, at times, have no true scope of our future. Yet, it seems as though we love to revel in the allure of what lies ahead of us. My own experience of such a plausible notion really bears the burden of a visible past, dealing with such an idea, all the while remaining inquisitive, but take a bit of this sprinkled with regret and topped over my contemplation of when the innocence was lost, the age of it all beganI and you are left with a rather unique meal. It is ultimately foreshadowed by what I could not illustrate for myself. Yet, the dissection of our pain, pleasure and emotion all seem to effortlessly intertwine.

The pain we all have experienced in our lives both past, present, and future all dictate the essence of who we are. The sublime ways of a more enchanted past as opposed to the harsh reality of wanting/or having the need to change, simply escape us at the time change is but a seemingly eternal reflection dug into holes of the after-effect of who we are.Eventually, we all must move on from our past no matter how disheveled it left us, and where we venture off to is really based upon our own definition of oneself and the catalytic actions. This is applicable even if we do not know how far we have gone. There is always an underlying plan locked deep in our hearts. Whether we see this or not, we live on.

If life were a movie it would be so much simpler because naturally all we would have to do is play the role of our part. But this behavior of ultimate assumption is truly the hardest piece of the emotional puzzle to place for ourselves to complete, and it is rather difficult to play out according to part. Yet, we try completing the task to the best of our abilities. So what is it that you want out of this life? Is it real change? Something indefinite? Or perhaps this is your one and only shot to display the true energy of self.

Through and through, the muddying of our emotions which allude to never experiencing our true feelings festers up and thus creates subliminal rage. Now, whether this a righteous sense of self inflicted hurt, or perhaps an utter nonsensical aspect out of character, we can develop anger and
sadness. Now, we are all who we are, despite the eternal turmoil sought but the fading chance at change as we leave our pieces of youth. Time pursues, and with that comes a wide variety of emotions poured unto us as we desperately reach for the tall towels of self-savior.

Who can exactly be the one they are destined to be in exact form? How can we gauge the future sense of our love that all seems to be so surreal but initially does not appear so. So who would it be that you would choose for help? What is it we are letting go of? Perhaps our first love or maybe the quintessential last? We all dictate the future and the retributed past by our actions played out right before our eyes. Our thoughts are followed by emotions, and lastly by felt by our actions carried out via the previous means.

So, just for today can we all imagine that it’s the best day we’ll ever have despite our unknowing thoughts of this eventual change. We point our faces up to the skies and visualize our own colors and cloud-like patterns, both through lucidity which ultimately flee from our soul and escape onto unchartered voyages of the eternal spirit that become the essence of who we are. We will never know. Yet, perhaps this simple actions proceeds anything of what we fathom or ever could conceptualize. It’s okay, because it’s all a part of love.

When looking at the sun, we realize that we are all extensions of our soul permeated throughout our bones as rays of ultra bright lights that cast our shadow so distantly that, we essentially cannot fall down despite our vehement tries. Our stone is cast. What a happy thought all of that brings to me as I smile during this writing. Perhaps this may even apply to you? But life is really all we know. The unknown. Same with time. Same with pieces of youth. The opposing force of these elements and whether we can truly grasp this seemingly simple life concept, really bore the footing for us. The rights of spring blossom to us all as it may come and for a moment we are all free. Yet can we dispense the previous forms of shame and guilt. Inspirations come as our only teacher of what we desperately don’t know but are all so willing to learn.

The subliminal quote: “Too young to die too rich to care too fucked to swear that I was there”.

I hope that this reflection of mine will create some actions of future good, a development of pure intention, a new glimpse of hope, and perhaps the glimmer of light.

-Mark S.