Tree – chicago artist profile.🌟

Tree – chicago artist review
Album – “Sunday school II – when church gets out.”
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5 – rated: excellent.

Tree is a south side chicago rapper whose innate ability to tell stories via true and gritty rap is impeccable and cannot go undetected.

His Sunday school two album – is one of my favorite south side albums. The movie quotes of which are interlaced within various heartfelt tracks about gangs, project parties, drug-dealing, growing up poor, and women all make for a rather interesting profile of a true chicago rapper.

Amongst other popular gritty-storytelling chicago rappers like chance and lupe – tree stands out because of his version of chicago south side storytelling capabilities. Tracks like – “project parties” entail a harrowing experience of blood vs. water and what’s thicker, plus guns with extension clips and original gangsters. It’s all packed within detailed verses all-encompassing only about two minutes. Yet, it grips you in.

However, tree featuring the city is his latest project and it’s just as good as Sunday school two. Nevertheless I lean more towards the latter album simply because I like almost every track on the Sunday school project. It’s a must-have for any real chicago hip hop fans.

If your a fan of storytelling rap, good vocals, and decent production, why don’t you download the mixtape or perhaps buy a few tracks off iTunes.

Some singles recommended: “project parties” “count on me” and trynawin” -a great story about his moma trying to win off scratch-off tickets. A chicago classic!

Ceo, Cultclassik-blogs-inc. 2014 (c).



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