Lana del rey – “born to die” – album review part 2.⭐️

“Born to die” – album review (2014)

Lana del Rey is perhaps the love of my life. She’s that one girl that I will never attain as an equal partner but that’s quite okay because only for now it is that I seemingly must simply adore her essence from a facade-like distance and maintain remaining in the ultra-fan role that I have unwillingly assumed, but nevertheless I have learned to love her and all her eccentricities just like you must with a real-life partner that grows on you, as well as be the ultimate-purveyor of her music in any way possible via my music web blogs.


Her album – ‘Born to die’ is one of my favorite albums – of all time – and also within all pop music and perhaps indie music genres as well. I love the album track for track – the entire album.


Now of course there are some tracks I like better than others. This is going to be inherent as there are always gonna be songs that solely stand out more than others – whether this be lyrically, musically or even perhaps that they are simply catchier. Either way, to me, they are all indefinitely unique in their own musically-indulgent and sweet mannerisms.

My two favorite tracks will include both “video games” then followed by “blue jeans”. I love the lines – “I heard that you like the bad girls honey – is this true? (Video games) ” and “you were kinda punk rock – I was kinda hip-hop”. Both are one line each taken from both songs. They are simple enough to be naturally noticed – but btilliant enough to set her apart from other artists in her musical realm. When was the last time you memorized a Taylor swift lyric – (she sucks)?

I like this album (born to die) very much so despite its overtly ironic title and the cover image being a bit desperately grandiose. However, it still remains as a great, traditional picture of Lana all dolled up to perfection basking in her beauty and effortless glory.

Ahh I do love her.

One last thing I’d like to point out if you font mind – is her lyrics that sometimes seem so sarcastic but ultimately remain rather profound to the extent that at times it makes me wonder is Lana del rey clinically depressed or is she just giving off this semi-dark presence as a means to create for herself a reputable style? When I listen to her music I think old Hollywood movies. Don’t ask me why, I just do.

Ceo, of Cultclassik music blog, and playlist-reviews.



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