08-07-13: final review: ‘jay-z’ – “magna carta”🔱

‘and just for clarity, my presence is charity’.

L.o.v.e. h.o.v.’

The new jayz album is by far his best work yet. All of you have to check it out if you have not yet already. Normally, I would not commend jay on such a high level, it is a bold claim to stake invariably, yet remains undeniably true. Since jay’s last album was just very”so-so” (“The blueprint 3” only equates to like half of what ‘magna carta…’ displays through vivid creativity’). Now, a lot of the music critics did praise it, and a lot of diehard jay-z fans really disliked it, yet I thought it was the start of a fresh creative beginning…

Jayz has sincerely come a long fucking way since his initial release “reasonable doubt” and we can’t forget all of his “vol.” series too. More notably, these albums consisted of the typical few club bangers/radio hits and some “smooth lady” tracks too (more r&b’ish) but what was non-existent of j was that true gangsta shit that we all just love hov to spit about. His wording, is as if it were storytelling. It’s the type of shit that we hold j in a high regard to, and though it’s that superficial yet ultra-high pedestal that we all put him on, we still expect him to be cleverly-positioned on top and wearing the ‘roc’ crown forever.


There is no doubt that jayz is a rap and hip-hop legend. Since his initial reign in 1996, right when we all thought rap would fizzle out, he is still seen as the king of the east-coast-rap-world. No doubt, hov is known for being an authentic, gritty NYC rapper from the streets of Brooklyn who “goes hard” (brooklyn) on every track, but he is also a genuine, and respected entrepreneur of the various business-motivated sorts. So, naturally, we respect him for more than just his lyrical ability. And, he is way better than nas on all levels (but please let’s not get into that j vs. s’co shit please, I do respect nas).

Now, let’s check out the new j album. It is awesome. First off, let’s examine the album title. “Magna carta…holy grail”. Any idea why that means? Well, apparently Magna Carta mean the ‘Great Charter’ in Latin and ‘holy grail’, well we all know what that means.

The album opens up with a track that has jt’s vocal on it and the track is entitled: ‘holy grail’. Now. I am not a total fan of jt, and I won’t hate on him for now, like I normally would (musically speaking) but he is actually vocally on-point here in this song. The vocals, are sharp, yet gritty, smooth, yet cracklingly intense. I commend jay on using this track as the opener to such beautifully-intense rap album.

Moving on…

The album track for track is superb. Unlike the new lil wayne album (entitied: ‘ianahb2′), this album you can play from start to finish without skipping a track. So listen man. You will not be disappointed. It has all the rap bangers you need/want from jay and also the various sorts of musical atmospheres that you would not typically expect from hov. But they are layered greatly. The true transitions are veru smooth and yet they don’t stand out too much from each other.

Jay is gangster…

J keeps it gangster. Always. But With tracks like “f*ckwithmeyouknowigotit” featuring rick ross, and the italian-mob inspired song “la familia” we see an excellent demonstration of hov’s creative skills through varied lyrical abilities, sharp flow and earth-shattering artistic point of view. You can tell that j has his own form of spontaneity within the overall flowing through his various raps on this album, and it’s certain tracks that you can sense what is the curious myth behind hov’s raps that make him so special…so unique.

Yes, it’s true. Jay is one of my top ten rappers (I could list ’em all for you right now, but I won’t bore you) of all time and this ‘magna carta’ album surely takes the cake. It is his most consistent, vehement, yet creatively varied one to date. And, what is good about it, is that it’s not too overwhelming or annoying like say, kanye does. Especially, with his last two albums (see ‘yeezus’ and ‘mbdtf’). Thankfully he is able to keep his ego in check, while maintaining a fresh perspective on 2013 rap and musical creativity. Love hov. It’s the roc.

Best tracks:
1. “f*ckwithmeyouknowigotit”
2. “heaven”
3. “La familia”

Album: rating 4/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

album cover top.


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