07-08-13: verse 2 – Brooklyn masala😜

On the first date I knocked on the door around 8
when she came down she smelled good and looked great
She had the tight Frankie D’z on, white on white ones
a pink bubble goose and pink bubblegum, I’m like: DAMN!!!
Even pink Chanel shades, her long black hair was done up in boxbraides
She didn’t had a Maybeline face that was all dead
instead she had a red dot on her forehead
C-cup’s pumpin, looking real ill
you wanna see Lord Of The Rings or Kill Bill?
She looked at me and said “Neither one
cause there really ain’t no black-stars in either one”
So what you wanna do girl? She kinda blushed
and we settled on dinner for two at Justin’s
The food was good, with no surprises…
we had the barbeque shrimp as appetizers…
We had the catfish main course, a few drinks …
then we’re out the front door like Main Source
We stepped out into the big city, she said:
“The Times Square lights are so pretty”
We caught a cab, back to the lab
stopped kissing long enough to pay the tab
She said “I think we got a nice future”
that night learned all about the Kama-Sutra my… Masala



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