04-21-13: random rant – soundtracks of our time😜

music is the soundtrack of our lives – anonymous

Is that quote true? Does music really define the seemingly mundane various dictations of our lives? Some might say, yes, others would argue quite the opposite. For me, I live by such a bold quote. I remember times when playing basketball with my buddies at a young age, and I was at the local neighborhood basketball court, humming the vivacious Radiohead song: “optimistic”. Yet, for some strange reason I was picturing their animated “paranoid android” music video in my head (again, another intense song by Radiohead) while playing.

Nevertheless, it was times like these, and songs like those, that made me enjoy basketball a little more. I guess you can say it heightened the sensation of playing, and tweaked the overall fun. However, I noticed as well, that as I got older, whenever music was on in the background, anywhere I was, life was just a lot better. It made my problems seem solvable, it suddenly made anger dissipate, laughs became more enjoyable too. It was overall, noting my every move to the tune of a beat.

So, what is the soundtrack to your life? Do you even have one? Maybe you have a different song or album for each and everyday? Or perhaps it’s just when your at work? I don’t know. Either way, I can bet that somehow, and someway music is involved in your life. Again, for me, it’s an everyday thing.

Sone of my favorite soundtracks of my lifetime.

-Spawn Soundtrack
-American Pie Soundtrack
-Scream 3 Soundtrack
-Friday After Next Soundtrack
-The Original South Park Soundtrack





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