04-14-13: memories from cult classik – ‘sailing’ by christopher cross🚢

“Just a dream and the wind to carry me
And soon I will be free” – Sailing – Christopher cross

It’s funny how sometimes you’ll be sitting in a quiet restaurant with your family and a certain, unique song comes seeping through the popcorn ceiling speakers, and it makes you think. You reflect, and it does take you back to when times were simpler. Lyrics like: “Sailing takes me away to where I’ve always heard it could be”, are indefinitely somewhat corny, yet so bitter-sweetly simple that you love it. It’s a certain feeling of tranquility that comes over you and it is then, right in that moment where you realize that life should always be this way. Simple. Not constantly overly-confusing, constrained, strained, and stressed. I wish things were always like this.

Christopher Cross is an old school artist that of the smooth jazz genre, or possibly you may classify him as an 80’s artist, but he is great. In 1980 he came out with the Grammy-nominated song, ‘Sailing’, and it was this track that really put him on the map. Sometimes all it truly takes for an artist to gain recognition for a quality song he or she has put out, or, for them to garner the respect needed to maintain a good and well-mannered audience, is really that ‘one’ song. I guess this guy had that gusto needed for success back then. Now, the lyrics in the song are simple, rather soft and sweet, almost lullabye-esqe, but that’s not the point. His vocal harmonies match those same tender qualities, and it is one of those tracks that you’ll never seem to forget. It is the one song in which when you hear it, you pause for a moment and life just stops suddenly. It’s almost a transcendental feeling you get. But then again, is it really? The truth of the matter is that when the reality sets in, and what you must recognize is that you are sitting a small restaurant booth with family eating chicken tenders, in which that moment fades away, and the songs over. The delicate lyrics fade away. The harmonious vocals dissipate and then your left with that song on your mind for the rest of the car ride home. Funny huh? But I guess this is the way life goes… it leaves you stuck within positions of awkwardness and moments that you may never get back, but would never seem to forget.

Omar (c) 2013 Copyright cult Classik.



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