04-12-13: link of a link – drake teaches you how to ‘Instagram’👾

drake thinks he is the shit. Well, we all know that…but for ‘Ecko’ to acknowledge that opinion is simple blasphemy!

Drake is a rather complex character. Having started out as a child-star television actor, he rose to fame in late 2008 and now has hit the big leagues by being the hottest thing in (what I call fiction rap or) mainstream rap today. I clearly remember when I first heeded his hit single about five years ago entitled: ‘the best I ever had’ and, at first instance, I had amalgamated opinions on the songs appeal, and yet even to this day, I am still trying to figure out why the heck the song got so popular in the first place? Yes, it was in a way, a subtly unique hip-hop song, and many 19-year old ghetto white girls, and even stuck-up daddy’s girls of all races played it hundreds of times on their hot pink iPods, but that’s not the damn point. What I am truly trying to examine is that Drake is now divulging life lessons to supposedly his fans, and preaching nonsensical advice on social media buzz to the masses. Ubiquitously, his aura is all too pessimistically consuming, yet all of his trite pictures and degenerate words of wisdom find themselves repetitiously interlaid between smug photos of him pressing Cuban cigars to his lips all the while set within the confines of yet another trendy magazine. He really needs to chill out.

According to a recent (online) Ecko article, Drake has made it a point to be the uber-user of the ever-so famous yet dubious iPhone-native application (app.), ‘Instagram’. Ah, but why does this matter? Well, it really doesn’t matter much at all. However, so many fans of Drake, as well as all of the youngsters who only know him by his Mtv releases, think this is coolest thing to do within the online-media hemisphere. I mean, between all the nasty Twitter muck and Facebook quicksand, how can one remain truly unstuck? It is impossible, and I cannot take it. Nevertheless, I will admit that I do enlist in a bit of online social-media haphazardness from time-to-time, but never have I overdone it. I Never have. I Never will. Now, for the sake of honesty alone, I do have a WordPress account (well is that not freaking obvious) and a Pinterest, but that is about it! Oh and if I am to remain on the track of honesty, then yes, one more thing…I do have a P.o.f account, (‘Plenty Of Fish’ dating) but who really cares?

The article I am complaining about today, possess some music-related themes of course, but more so, it reflects on the personal interests and hum-drum happenings of the rap-sensation Drake. When Scrolling between the lofty 16-page-column for this online piece, the simple task of reading became rather arduous. It was all an attempt to artlessly muster the various asinine blessings of internet-savvy tidbits of advice from r&b celebrity Drake, and trust me, it got worse. However, the article remained true to its title. With multitudinous examples of perfecting the online social-media craft coming from rap-star Drake, one would think he would bequeath somewhat clever admonition, yet it is lines likes: ‘make sure you post pictures of your gold Rolex’, and ‘show photos of all your famous friends while drinking heavily through the nite (as shown: is a clip of Drake partying/drinking with the lyrically-demented ‘meme’ rapper ‘Rif Raf’), as the slices of advice for garnering true ‘Instagram’ swagger. Bizarre?

Awe. Now don’t you think that this is all too cute, my friends? Do you have a diamond-encrusted Rolex to upload via FaceBook? No? Or perhaps you are able to display a photograph of your authentic-article Louis Vuitton monogram wallet to show-off to all those babes stalking your profile daily? Well, I sure as shit do not. Plus…even if I did, I wouldn’t be engaging in such handicapped behavior, creating a situation for robbers to ransack my stuff on a needle’s drop! It doesn’t make sense. Either way, I.D.C. (I. Don’t. Care.). See, Drake I can create nifty acronyms too like your, ‘HYFR’, ‘OVO’, and the infamous ‘YOLO’ (In order of definition: ‘hell yeah, f*cking right’, ‘october’s very own’, and ‘you only live once’). All proper motto’s to live by…I’m sure.

Check the article out if you…
-Care so much about Drake.
-Want to see photos of him when he was 15 dancing, and resembling a young chimp.
-Want to see pics of Drake drunk, holding a $200 bottle of Dom Perignom.
-Feel like clicking the right arrow button sixteen times.
-Like the username: ‘champagne-papi’.
-Are vain and love yourself, Drake and Instagram

-Omar (c) Cult Classik Blog 2013 copyright.



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