03-23-13: quick review – “Suit & Tie” by Justin TimberlakešŸ“

song: “suit & tie” by Justin Timberlake
da vibe: I’m drunk, I’m dancing

Okay, first off…I am not a Justin Timberlake fan at all. However, I do actually remember his freshman release, Justified. The album possessed an overall very basic, and funky vibe met with a variety of fresh song styles. The production was crisp-sounding and tight, and was met with high-praise majorly credited to the hand of legendary hip hop-r&b super-producer Timbaland. Yet, Suit & Tie has nothing to do with Justin’s humble beginnings.

For today, I shall be reviewing (quickly) Justin Timberlake’s new song, entitled: Suit & Tie. My one word summary for this song: disappointment. Yes. This simple word creates enough of a musical magnitude and proper perspective for me to describe effortlessly the empty feelings that desperately overcome me while listening to this absolutely lurid track. It also creates some form of genuine method conveying my true message that is the essence of the track. It is extremely boring, and this is said so even for a Justin Timberlake song. Usually, his musical pieces are rather more upbeat, fun and delightfully catchy. Unfortunately, this is not the case here, no! It simply possesses quite the opposite. Many feelings of uninterest, boredom, and lament overcome me during the composition’s span, as well as the lyrics being so difficult to sing along with. Ironic for a Justin Timberlake piece most so. Yet, musically speaking, there are simply no fresh, funky or fun synths, piano riffs or drumbeats, as seen with former tracks. What happened J.T.?

I think if we were to wind back to his Justified album, a discovery of much more intriguing pieces, and way more ear-catching hooks, and melodies would be quite evident. None are present, however, forSuit & Tie nor The 20/20 Experience (his new album). The Suit & Tie composition is nothing healthy sounding like his ancient yet successful hits such as: SeƱorita, Cry Me A River or LoveStoned. Sadly, here we are left with a lyrically basic dance song, with mild elements of old-world, funky sounds, but even those typically interesting musical elements are hardly here, and are watered-down to the point of where I am wondering when the hell will the track end? It is lyrics such as: “All dressed up in black and white, and youā€™re dressed in that dress I like” make me wonder did J.T. even try on this one? The production sounds flat, thus implying a lazy-attempt at something fresh or funky from r&b production all-star Timbaland. This is sad because he is an “A-1” hip hop, r&b, and dance-pop producer. The jingly hit-hats are annoying, as well as the vocals, all because the song simply just does not deliver.

Again, I am not a Justin Timberlake fan of any sort, yet I am a music critic. I love music ’til death do us part, and I do possess the natural ability to recognize a well-composed piece when I hear it, and unfortunately this is just not the case for Suit & Tie. Please take us back to the sounds of My Love, and Chop Me Up and I would be more sonically-satisfied. Now, it has been over seven years since his last release (FutureSexLoveSounds), and quite honestly he should have been more focused. Obviously he has his efforts into other various artistic crap, which is fine for him, and perhaps even loyal fans, but not to me whatsoever. I doubt he could ever make a true-come-back. Justin’s music career will soon just be a washed-up piece of clutter on the shores of the ever-shape-shifting ocean of music..hopefully!

PS- I did not mention Jay-Z in this review, because the version I am referring to is the edition without him.*



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