03-22-13: random rant – 90’s rock music – the music of my generationšŸ˜œ

what happened to the 90’s alternative music I grew up on?

Back in the days, I was listening to quite a lot of alternative rock music. For most, it is also known as, “art-rock”, or “alt-grunge”, even “90’s rock,”. To be technical, musically speaking, it would be clearly defined as simply: garage/post-grunge rock. This genre of music was the epitome of my generation. I truly had a deep love and passion for this music. Most of it contained happy-go-lucky songs like The Flaming Lips, “She Don’t Use Jelly”, or Julianna Hatfield’s, “My Sister”. Yet, it ranged all the way down at the other end of the rock spectrum to artists such as Nine Inch Nails with their creepy but catchy hit, “Closer”. Regardless, this was the music of a fucked up generation. It is funny though, because I listen to it sometimes, and it really makes me feel good. At times I want to cry while listening and I cant really define the reason for this feeling. But the generation we have today is way different. They are much more offensive, rude, lazy and uncreative. There will never be another Pearl Jam, Gin Blossoms or Garbage. Ever. Yet, another interesting aspect of these fading sweet memories, is that I somehow manage to recite the lyrics, word-for-word. These are the songs that that not only evoked the various typical emotions of the human idiom, but they helped me to make sense of them. Because of this music, I was able to deal and cope. It was a time when MTV was actually interesting. These songs had such a huge emotional impact on me, and not just myself, but millions of teenagers of my time. They helped to shape who I was, and in a way define a part of who I am today. The 90’s was a time for me, when music was even praised and hailed as being somewhat religious. Can you really say that about the music of today? Think about it. Is Carly Rae Jepson, Miley Cyrus, and Justin Bieber really the same type of awe-inspiring music as my aforementioned artists? No. Also, I must mention the emotional impact they had on society. Artists like Bradley Nowell (of Sublime), Kurt Cobain (of Nirvana), and Bono (of U2), were inspirational in their own creative ways, but also on so many intriguing societal levels. Not these fucking bullshit artists we sadly have today. This is the voice of a generation? They force their meaningless lyrics on us. We don’t want to hear it. It’s pathetic. So many bands I loved, from Alice In Chains to Prodigy, Rage Against The Machine to Tonic. I loved them all. Back in the days, I had the original iPod…a Sony Walkman. Do you remember this ancient item? I loved it dearly. From the cassette “Tapeman” to the infamous “Discman”, I had them all, and so did many of my friends. I remember the colors too. You could either pick up a stock silver model , or perhaps the classic black. However, every now and then there would be a cool, limited-edition one, that was coated in bright yellow or raging red or even blazing blue emblazoned with the cool Sony “W” logo. It was such a great machine. Those days were simpler, however. They were days when Green Day’s “Longview” was the epitome of teenage angst. It was lyrics like: “my mother tells me to get a job, but she don’t like the one she’s got, when masturbation’s lost its fun, your fucking lazy”. Ah. These were phrases from paradise of youth rebellion. I remember I also had the original download. What was that though? Simply, it was the mere event if popping in a Fresh cassette tape purchased from local Walgreens, just after shredding the plastic, I would be then listening to Q101 FM, and pressing record/play button simultanelously. I remember it all. So vivid, and beloved. If you could only see how it was when those two little buttons, side-by-side, were pressed down creating that “pop” clicking noise, and then my eyes lighting up, my ears on hyper-sensitive-mode. The song would end, and that was it. So simple. The bliss, the epiphany of elation, soon sublty subsided. It was the original drug for me. The original high. These days are gone, and sadly so. Sometimes you have to take a little dirt, to keep what you love. What I have now is TuneIn radio, an application for my iPhone 4S, that I hopelessly listen to everyday. It’s on everywhere I go, whenever possible. No matter what. It is my peace of mind, and Sometimes when I put on my 90’s rock radio station I get those feelings back, sometimes…

PS- I have left this article in non-paragraph form for the purpose of exemplifying a typical journal rant (scrawl) what do you think?*





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