03-18-13: noted news – snoop lion in zion???📰

Snoop Dogg, J.T., Justin Bieber, and Kendrick Lamar… Are all in the news…

They’re all going through a crisis.

How many of us remember when “Murder was the case” that they gave to Snoop Dogg? Well his new, true being is nothing of that past now. For the 1996 murder trial, he was acquitted of the vicious charges laid on him, yet I was always suspicious of the entire trial to begin with. Now, recently, he has converted to this new idiom he created called “Snoop Lion”, and has undergone a major aesthetic re-development. However… go ahead…view it as you like, but I definitely see this as a deep, and convoluted ‘mid-life crisis’.

Do any of you music buffs remember the top songs of the pop (genre)-infested year of 2006? Nah, did not think so. Nonetheless, it is now March of 2013, and in the words of folk/rock legend Bob Dylan, “well the times they are-achanging”. Currently, we have J.T. giving us his “20/20 experience”, Bieber dodging various “malicious” lies within the vicious paparazzi realm, and handling it rather poorly, plus Kendrick Lamar wants to shift from the ever rotting rap-scene to the smooth world of r&b. Why? Oh why?

So much to talk about with such little time, do you not agree? What do you guys think of all these matters? I don’t care, for any of them, yet it seems to be swarming all over the mediocre music media hype-infested news. J.T.’s new album is absolute crap, filled with monotonous, soda-pop, sex-laden hooks, Justin Bieber cannot spell whatsoever, Snoop Dogg is going through a mid-life crisis, and Kendrick Lamar thinks he is Usher all of a sudden. Oh well, thank God, I do not care for any of these artists. Whether it is their washed-up pop music, their ego’s, or musical up’s and down’s, I simply just do not care! Do you?

I will touch up more on Snoop’s mid-life ‘rasta’ crisis, and I have been gracing the thought of reviewing J.T.’s new album (although I could really care less), but what do you think about these matters? Are any of them worthy of discussion? Post, comment, email, follow!

-Omar 2013 (c) copyrighted.






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