03-14-13: question of the day – new music?πŸ”Ž

A lot of new music is out, and ready for the fresh ears of listening. There is the new Justin Timberlake called the “the 20/20 experience”, David Bowie’s “the next day”, and Josh Ritter’s “the beast in it’s tracks”.

Now, it has been almost seven years since JT’s last album, David Bowie has been doing his sad-boy, London thing since 1969, and josh Ritter seemingly just got over a bad, bad break-up. What do you think? Each one of these albums have their own unique theme it is striving for, dare I say even new brand?

So,what makes an artist unique and brand-worthy? Are artists today, both new and long-running, over-emphasizing on the artistic side of things, or is it just a new facet of their musical personality? And do fans live it? Do they hate it? Is it too much?

Are there any of these albums you would like me to review? I may post my “two-cents” about “the 20/20 experience”. Also, what do you think of these album covers? Tell me what you think. Post a comment!! Email me!!





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