03-14-13: noted news📰

Kanye, J.T., Jay-z, Lil’ Wayne & Frank Ocean are all doing stupid shit!


Here is a quick Cult Classik summary of today’s dumbest news in hip hop.

1.) Frank ocean is being sued. Supposedly, he stole some production credit on his song “lost” and did not pay any dues to the original producer of the piece entitled: “Daylight”. The amount has not been disclosed.

2.) Lil Wayne has released his (final?) track-list for his new, and upcoming tenth album entitled: “I am not a human being (part) II”. Who cares! God damn, this guy is so full if himself, it is sickening! Why is he still rapping? Okay, I will settle down, and I am not going to go off on a ravenous rant about how much I hate his music…So yeah, so far, there are fifteen tracks on the album, and only three of them of which Wayne performs solo. The rest have a featured artist, and some of which I have never heard! I have a bad feeling about this one!

3.) Jay-z’s “infamous” nightclub the “40-40” venue in Atlantic City, is closing down due many components. What happened? Well there was a brutal fight spurred by his bouncers whom were filmed by a local DJ, beating the shit out of two innocents, a leaky roof, and also some slow business. Good for him. Kudos!

4.) J.T. (aka Justin “white soul-boy” Timberlake) supposedly has secretly dissed Kanye West on a most recent, and live performance on S.N.L. (Saturday Night Live). First of all, how many times has this clown been prancing on this show (perhaps he is a regular)? Plus, who sincerely cares if he did “diss” Kanye? He probably deserved it, and do not get me started on Kanye!

5.) Kanye recently dissed J.T. and, I guess the conceited Jay-Z as well. Oh my God, once again, who cares? He said that he respects Jay-Z, but would never do any collaborations like he did on J.T.’s new single, “suit and tie”, which by the way is awful.

That’s it. Enjoy!! Comment!! Post!! Check out Lil’ Wayne’s new “supposed” album cover below!!


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