03-08-13: review – the top ten worst songs of all time📝

who let the dogs out who, who who?

Not me.

Yes, I have returned. It is time for a review. Today, I bring to you all, a brief essay on the “top ten worst songs of all time”. Well, yes, what did you expect? With the good comes the bad, and the bad comes the good. Naturally.

According to Squidoo.com, a site which supposedly meticulously, with the input of millions, has composed a list of the “top ten” songs of the melodically atrocious. Now, when searching for the worst songs compilations, I staggered upon several websites with their own “top ten” lists of the mellifluously distasteful. Nevertheless, the one I settled on, as my source for this article, I believe was the least biased. It consisted of a diverse mix of musical genres, and they ranged anywhere from the quirky Aqua, “Barbie Girl” to the infamous Ricky Martin hit, “She Bangs”. Ooh, this could turn out to be bad…

A tough question.

“That’s why I let my dogs out on the Baja Men”. That is a humorous line from the rapper Proof of D12, of which comes off their slapstick song “Ain’t Nuttin’ But Music” (Devil’s Night). I always laugh insatiably when I hear this line, and it is rare when I do listen to hardcore Detroit rap. Nonetheless, I suspect you know where I am heading with this matter at hand. According to Squidoo.com, the most violative song in the world is (drumroll) “Who Let The Dogs Out” by the Baja Men.

Have a little mercy.

I am not going to shoot down the musical wholeness of this ancient (2001), saccharin, pop-hit, for the sheer decency of not embarrassing these guys for the mere possibility that they are still (sadly) making music. I do not think this would be fair at all. Straightaway, this happens to be one of those tracks that is ridiculously fun, catchy, and passably innocent.

It is a one-hit wonder indeed, but it was hugely commercially successful. Do you guys remember the popularity of this piece? I remember the chants of a crowded United Center on Chicago’a far West-side, with hundreds of raging Bulls fans all shouting (in unison), “who who who”. Good times. Ah. It does seem like a rather long time ago since the advent of a song like this was unanimously revered.

Sure, there are a plethora of artists out in the musical world who may essentially represent what the basis of songs like “Who let The Dogs Out” stands for. Even so, it is because of pop-stars like: Miley Cyrus, Carly Rae-Jepsen, Katy Perry, and Usher, that we are left with such horrendous tracks swarming over the FM airwaves. All of which posses sweet, cookie-cutter pop hooks all derived upon lyrical nonsense, like “heres my number, call me, maybe?”. Withal, they miraculously sell records. And quite a lot of them, too. It drives me literally to the point of near insanity every time I hear a song of theirs. Yet, I hold on.

Take it easy.

As mentioned before, I am not going to disrespect the soul of this Caribbean influenced sugary, pop song because, well, we all love it. You know this is true. Even if you claim to hate this track, you must be lying to an extent, because you are familiar with the catchiness of the tune. Just try and withhold from tapping your feet, or pounding your fists in the air when this song suddenly comes on the radio, or when the deejay makes a terrible musical choice in spinning it at your local club. Do not hate (hater).

So, long story short, this musical composition has taken the number one spot for “the worst song in the world” from the “top ten list”. Other tracks included on the tragic list were, “Barbie Girl”, by Aqua, and the classic MC Hammer, ballon-pants dance hit, “Cant Touch This”. Personally, I think there are much more unfavorable songs that should have made the list, yet, Baja Men’s one-hit wonder, surely deserves to be somewhere on the list. So go ahead and pick a number from one through ten (haha).

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-Omar (c) copyrighted. 2013.






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