03-05-13: lyrical breakdown – the deadlights – “foolish pride”🎹

song: “foolish pride” by the deadlights
da vibe: oh sweet memory

Sweet memory.

“Never see your face again
When it’s oh so sad because you were my friend
When it makes no sense to me
How you could give up more than everything to set your spirit free”

these set of lyrics are my best-loved of the entire set. Ordinarily I refer back to high school, and reminisce about a beautiful girl I once knew when reading these words. Although she did not know me very well, I knew quite a lot about her. Actually, she never knew a thing about me. Perchance it is because I never let her.

Yet, it induces sadness thoughout my soul because we never genuinely connected. I was always nervous. Simply too hesitant to cross the so-called bridge of relationships…fearing it would crumble beneath my feet.

“Give up your foolish pride
Or one day you might find
These silly dreams are all you live for
When in your twisted mind you may think that you can fly but that can never be”

This component of the composition constructs feelings of anger inscrutably deep inside. I am left wanting to put the weight of the content, and essence of truth in significance, solely upon this girl I once knew. Is this fair? Hitherto, I know this part is strictly, and deplorably my own fault, not that of a beautiful girl.

“And it’ll take you so long
For you to see yourself
and see wher you went wrong
And it’ll be so hard
For you to heal yourself and try to carry on”

Alas, this is my second most preferred segment of textual matter. It possess a duality of perception within the true significance of what a potential relationship could have amounted to. Quondam, I believe these poetic verses represent various facets of my love life. Broken pieces of my past, shatter the perception of the present, and leaves shards of my future. Yet, there are other periods of time in which I think of that beautiful girl (from high school), and wonder where the fuck she has been?

“Give up your foolish pride
Or one day you might find
These silly dreams are all you live for…”

The final portion of this composition acquires the strongest meaning in yet the simplest form conceivable. I interpret these last words as a true means to finally let go of the past, and to learn how better to cope with the painful aspects of proceeding on. You know they say, “yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift.”

-Omar (c) copyrighted. 2013.


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