03-04-13: opinion – nancy lamott’s rendition of “moondance”😜

song: “moondance” by nancy lamott
da vibe: shiny and glittery


Imagine a dark background, a strategically placed classic black piano in the far right corner, and in comes out this tall, fair-skinned lady, with short blonde hair, fluffed up to perfection as it delicately sways in air as her slow movements precede an unequaled assemblage of potent vocals. She has sang a few notes, and yet you remain glued in gaze consummated by her lustrous blue-sequined upper side. All the while astounded at her vocal prowess and ability. Quite an image is it not?

Well, now that I have set the background for you, illustrated through a 1986 performance in New York, by the ways of a great woman named Nancy Lamott, the song I bring to you today in an effort to review, is Moondance. Originally sang and created by the legendary Van Morrison, “Moondance” is an extraordinary track. I’m sure you all know enough about him, so no need for any unnecessary background biographies.

Would you have this ‘moon dance ‘ with me pretty lady?

Nevertheless, Nancy sang the hell out of this song. She has a certain aura about her. She possess delicate stage presence, yet her vocals command anything but delicacy. There is an indisputable quality about her vocals, as she shines on stage while roaring out beautiful notes and sultry timbre that seem to float away.

Now, the video I found to this song is rare. In fact, the song itself is hard to come by. I originally heard the track for my first time on public radio. It was on a jazz program that I still listen to to this very day. At the time however, I was not quite familiar with Nancy’s work. Although I knew she was a cabaret legend, i wanted more.

When first listening to her rendition of Moondance, I was breath taken. It was pure audio happiness. I loved every note that echoed through the canals of my ears and to the various audio receptors in my brain, creating sensual electrical impulses, forever melding its sweet melodies onto my soul. It was an auditory sensation that I would remember for the rest of my life.

That jazzy shit.

I tried retrieving more information on the song, and could not gather as much as I wanted. All I can say is that this song is as beautiful as originally composed and sang by Van Morrison. Yet, I must say I loved Nancy Lamott’s version just a bit more.

Straightaway, this piece was rather difficult to come by (as stated earlier. I was only able to uncover one video to post for all my beloved fans from the indispensable YouTube. As a matter of fact, the version I posted below, is not the original recording in which I had listened to before.

Surely not to bilk at all, the variant I found is just as appetizing. So go ahead and give it a taste. I do apologize for the audio quality, as it is rather insufficient. Yet, you still should be genuinely satisfied. Enjoy.

-Omar (c) copyrighted. 2013.


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