03-02-13: opinion – what is the best dance/house track in the history of man?💬

song: “music sounds better with you” by stardust
da vibe: I feel like…ooh babay!

Dance music is what?!

People allege this is house music. Others say it is French house music. Lastly, a few even have the nerve to simply pronounce this song as “funk”. Well, guess what morons? It is neither. Really, it is all encompassing of such timid labels. I speculate this track , to be politically correct, as French funk house.

Now, do I really give a shit about the title or genre of this piece? Well no, not really, simply because this song is pure heart and soul. If this composition had plain emotion, then it would be soulless. If it had a type of soul to name, well it would just remain nameless. What I am possibly implying is the penning is absolutely genuine standing on its own without any need for possible incessant existentialist labeling. Disregarding the trendy song expert’s crude branding, it is merely dance music people.

Bitch, dance!

I first heard this song in 2004 back when I was in college. I was actually studying for my music degree, and was in deejay class when the song melodies channeled their way through the passages of my eardrums. It was pure audio love. The beat started off quite soft, then slow, yet very steady.

I could anticipate the melodic build-up soon to be overtaken by drums, snares, and kicks. In addition, a sharp, and hard-hitting funk-disco guitar riff delicately shredding in half-steps was caught within a purposely muffled background. This build up was astounding. It was a raw euphony of intense, beautiful French-funk-house music crackling in my ears. It was All so wonderfully overwhelming, and new for a house music virgin like myself at moment in time. Nevertheless, I was totally engaged, and ready for audio take-off.

Do the hustle!

“Music sounds better with you” is a dance track by artist Stardust, and was released in 1998. A sure-fire hit, the song suddenly found its presence swarming the VH1 music channel’s half an hour block shows, and as well as night clubs across the U.S.. From Chicago to Paris, the sweet and sultry sounds of Benjamin Diamond crooning amongst an awesome funk house beat were all it took for dance music lovers around the world to get down and shake their feet. A pure joyous dance hit finally arrived.

Now, the video to the song is not exactly perfect, nor is it artistically driven to the theme of the track, but it was somewhat entertaining. The followings of a young kid in his city roaming about held my attention for the 3:31 span (as seen on vh1). Nevertheless, the original version (which I posted video wise below) was a mere 5:51, not too long for a classic house track. However, there are several versions of this song. Ranging from re-edits to hard-house editions, you’re surely to be entertained for at least a couple hours worth (of Internet roaming).

As a side note, this song was produce by the likes of Thomas Bangalter of the hugely popular “Daft Punk” and the original track can be found on their 2007 “Alive” album. What do you think of this song? Is it love at first listen, or is it hate at first hear? You tell me, ’cause I will surely tell you!

Omar March 2013


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