02-27-13: opinion/review part 2 – danny brown💬

Who da fuck is Danny Brown??

Updated. 02-27-13. V.3.0

He’s got some adderal and fire-ass weed!

Danny Brown is a Detroit emcee hailing from the gritty grounds of the Lynnwood Neighborhood. He sports a missing tooth proudly from a childhood mishap caused while skateboarding. Nevertheless, a typical look of Danny Brown is a huge smile, wide and goofy, (displaying obvious painful evidence of his past skating event,) topped off with long and frizzy hair. Its definitely not your typical rap emcee style. However, he is a lively emcee, one who is distinct, and clever, posed within an odd-ball sort of mystique. Getting straight to the point, I bring to you today, a review of the strange love I have for Danny Brown: “XXX”.

This body of work is uber- creative and lyrically sensational. It starts from the artistically simple cover, all the way to the bold song titles. Despite history, he has actually been out on the scene for quite a while now. As for his other works, you may be familiar with possibly his “Hybrid” album and other harder-to-find works out in the hip hop outer space, such as the lackluster tracks done with producer/emcee Black Milk. Even so, “XXX” is the best Danny Brown album.

And I smooooke!

Acknowledging Danny’s existence in the current rap world, would be like putting sushi on pizza and claiming it as the best invention. Realistically, it has potential, but the mix doesn’t work out. You need more information before you indulge. The same can be said about Danny. Now having started out back in early 2003, he went from hanging around the likes of fellow Detroit rappers; Chip$ and Dopehead, to posing with much bigger names in hip hop, like ASAP Rocky, Ab-Soul. He even was a main event at the “Cave-in-rock” show having shared the same stage as Insane Clown Posse.

Now, back in the day, Danny Brown was creating music on his own terms “repping” his Dexter-Lynnwood set, and doing so by lyrically illustrating times of crack hustling, bitches, and overcoming the hardship of trying to make “re-up”. All of this made for hard times for Danny Brown indeed, but would prove later to make for some rather substantial lyrical content.

Years later on, the conjugation of some artistic work was created with Black milk and was shelled out onto the hip hop underground right away. Now, although it was received well, in my humble opinion it was not the best stuff. On the flip side, it did display the growth within Danny and would prove later for his ability to shine as a definitive rapper. It would ultimately lead to the culmination of his authenticity as a true emcee.

Bitch, it’s bruiser brigade!

Fast-forwarding to today, we witness this aforementioned growth in Danny Brown’s stylistic hip hop. He’s different yet interesting, odd yet humble, and overall a decent emcee. He has good flow, a good sense of energy, and possess constructive rhymes. For the most part, “XXX” is a biographical album consisting of drug-addled lyrics, random screams, silly squeamish smirks, all the while layered over some clever lyrics, and a great selection of electronically-synthesized beats that enhance the overall flow and flavor if Danny brown.

Many tracks on the album, from start to finish, progressively sort out different measures of Danny’s brutally honest personality. A genuine appeal of his is that the lyrical content of the album maintains a “no-holds-barred” rap-style approach. When dissecting tracks like “Lie4” we can see the proof of duality within his personality displaying mental elements which can be silly, yet brutally honest, grotesquely hilarious, yet full of serious personality.

The sadness of honesty.

Other tracks that prove the hyper intensive side of his mindset are: “Monopoly” and “Blunt After Blunt” (which I posted a video for). Both tracks open up with haunting synthesized sounds, deep baselines, and slow-hard knocking snapping snares. The lyrics are dark enough to match the melodic mood too. But to me, it’s the more laid-back lyrical personal reflections on Danny’s troubled past that really stick out, and it’s songs like the album-titled “XXX” that describe such a matter. This is a song about the ups and downs of drug-addiction, and prescription medications that don’t seem to help at all. Another track that I truly liked was “I will”. Here we have yet another track that ventures off into the wild world of Danny Brown, and lyrically, he does a great job of detailing the adventures of indiscreet, meaningless sex.

Withal, this album is a must-buy for any Danny Brown fan, or anyone who is willing to try something different when it comes to various hip hop flavors. I loved this album from start to finish. Filled with vibrant, and funky beats courtesy of “Skywlkr”, great production, and chalk-full of wild and detailed Danny Brown personality! I say buy it, or at least check out the video of Danny I posted below (lol)!





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