02-26-13: opinion – a$ap rocky has worst verse on “1 train”.🎵

a$ap rocky lyrically a shitty rapper.

“1 train”

What’s new in the world today? What’s new in the hip hop world today? Anything? Alright, Asap Rocky is back to being his cocky-self (not surprising), and is seemingly drooling-over all the cameras flashing in his face, loving the incessant limelight attention. However, a question was brought recently to the attention of Mr. A$ap Rocky himself on a Vevo interview, and that was “who had the best verse” on the posse cut off Rocky’s latest album (“1 Train”)?

Well, if we were to converse in a deep, and philosophical conversation on the aspect of the new-age, underground hip hop scene, and who is aspiring to take the top spot, I would say it is Asap Rocky. One of the age old rap-posse-track questions remains to ask “who spat da’ best verse on that new track homie”? Yet, the answer Asap Rocky said to his fans on this question… “Big Krit”. Ahh! I detest such a comment. This is the wrong answer my friends! My final word is supreme, and always overrules any of Mr. Rocky’s ill-gotten responses to anything hip hop for that matter. I understand what is needed to make a underground hip hop track a genuine cult classic.

The answer to the question is “Danny Brown”. You might be asking yourself why I chose him over Asap Rocky or even Big Krit. Well, lyrically, his verse is wonderfully dense, and on-point. The verse is full of lush rap rhymes, and you’ll even hear lines equating to creative verses bellowed over thick baritones, all-seasoned with wild Danny humor. Follow that with a sprinkle of serious enthusiasm, and lastly dash it with some good-flow, and high-energy, you get the best verses from D.B..

Big Krit’s verse is decent, like the others on here, but not memorable. And that’s the problem with almost all of Krit’s verses, especially on guest tracks, he never spits anything memorable, always lacks in a definite or concrete theme, and vocally sounds monotone. He has got the southern twang somewhat there, but it is not enough to come over the lack of true hip hop flavor, especially as a Southern artist. What do y’all think!?


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