02-20-13: opinion – wiz khalifašŸŽµ

wiz khalifa ain’t shit.


That is the name of Wiz Khalifa’s latest record, and man does it suck. This is probably the most basic introduction I have ever put down for an album review in “cult classik” history. Period. Not ever. Nada. Have y’all seen the cover? Well, surely It cannot get any worse. What a disgusting cover. Do you consider this to be a legitimate rap record, judging solely based upon the puzzling cover?

Keep in mind that based solely upon the illustrative elements of foreshadowing on Wiz’s new record is more that of a hard rock album. To me it’s somewhat reminiscent of a Lenny Kravitz cover. But, anyways I do digress, and maybe we should get to the review of the artistic content that Mr. Wiz Khalifa brings to us today.

Okay, so the album sucks. It is ominously quite the commercial piece, and the songs are not even in the slightest form of hip hop. Hardly definitive. Well, are you expecting a Wiz album nowadays to remain hip hop truthfully? He hasn’t made a decent rap record in years and, quite honestly, never will.Rolling Papers was not even a hit, smothered with dubiously flat-sounds filled throughout the garbage of an album. However, “O.n.i.f.c.” is overly grandiose in a production respect.

Yet if we are to go back in the day, to the time of 2010, I’d like to refer to his Burn After Reading mix tape. This was an extraordinary album in the hip hop sense, naturally packed with memorable hits, futuristic-like sounds, but sadly that’s old Wiz Khalifa. Do y’all remember this mix tape? Did y’all opinionate it? Simply put, it was solid from beginning to end. Organized and neatly chalked full of Great instrumentals, vibrant basslines, deep and crackling beats, and even a Tatum, Durrm, Johnson and Hawkins sample. It all equated to a solid rap album, with a unique and fresh hip hop style. Plus Wiz’s lyrical content was alright, not amazing, but shall I dare even say possibly respectable?

However, we still haven’t finished the review of O.n.i.f.c. which happens to stands for Only Nigga In First Class, a clever title, yet this alone cannot justify for a boring, and completely dull sounding rap/ hip hop album. The production is overly grandiose. Its almost too sweet, sounding super saturated. Its like a hot fudge sundae with way too much fudge. Well the beats are flowery, synths are floaty. There’s nothing hard-hitting, fresh, or classic sounding. Sorry, but this album is not memorable whatsoever. No deep baselines, no catchy hooks, not even a decent sample. Not one!

Paperbond is the only tolerable track in the beginning. The rest of the albums tracks are spacey-sounding, and all seem to have a slight reverb feel, while the tracks remain overdone and flat. We hear melodies that are wet sounding, they’re dripping with too many synths, almost reminding me of sounds from an Amazon rain forest. Most of these tracks are horrendously suffocated under subtle high hats and snares in songs like Bluffin’.

Still, somehow the tracks manage to be comprised of such annoying sounds into an astounding 4-5 minute track (which is long considering the lackluster amount of lyricism). Another problem I see with O.n.i.f.c. is the over repetitious rhymes Khalifa scatters over the flowery beats engrossing us with unnecessary details of the lavish life consisting of: too much money piling up daily, smoking pounds and pounds of marijuana, and how all of this makes it so damnhard to be Wiz. It gets boring. And dull. We all know what your about Mr. Wiz: money, clothes, and weed. Simple. Your really not that complex of a man, let alone spoiled rapper.

Other tracks towards the latter of the record include the mundane sounds of: Time, It’s Nothin’ and Up In It all of which make me want to gag. Lyrical content is lacking at best, and we’re left with beats that are absolutely boring with barely audible drum sounds, annoying synth-like horns and too many trife piano strokes. Its lyrics such as: “got a new crib and there’s not enough space to store all my clothes” that make me want to die.

The track Fall Asleep was such an arduous task to complete, and that was simply listening to the song without having fallen asleep (wow what irony)! The stunner track Work Hard, Play Hard is obviously a radio-friendly single sporting an apathetic sounding Wiz spitting a stagnant hook laced with conceited money-hungry lyrics. Also, please do not make me ever have to mention lyrics from his track Up In It because I will most definitely commit suicide if I hear that song once more!

If I had to pick one more song that I could tolerate for the sake of giving Wiz a chance simply due to the fact that I liked his Burn After Reading album, and also having a bit of fondness for his old hip hop style, I’d say The Plan would be my second choice. This leaves me with only two songs out of the whole album that I semi-liked. They were enjoyable, but only partly due to the fact that the beat were decent, overall solid hip hop tracks, and the other reason was the guest spot featuring one of my favorite Southern rappers Juicy J. However, this track is not amazing. The snares are hard-hitting, the bass is turned up, a catchy-chorus is evident, but mainly it’s because <emJuicy J is featured that I enjoy the track!

Overall, stupid cover, stupid songs, lame lyrical content, overly-conceited musical themes, should I continue? Why Wiz why? Wait. I shouldn’t be asking this? I knew this was to come. Ever since Rolling Papers (which, by the way is a terrible album title) debuted and the reactionary results even from Wiz’s own fans was a sentiment of pure disappointment, I knew this was coming! We all knew this crap was coming!


1* not classik



2 thoughts on “02-20-13: opinion – wiz khalifašŸŽµ

  1. Awesome review! Stated accurately and to the point, and very well versed, written and witty. Its sad to see that what is considered Rap/Hip Hop nowadays (mainly mainstream) has driven so far off from what used to be good Rap/Hip Hop. Keep the reviews coming!

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