02-18-13: review – “just make it stop” by low🎵

song: “just make it stop” by low
da vibe: I relate


Wow. Where to begin with this song? Well, the first time I heard this song I thought out loud “what is this a woman singing”? The tone of the singers voice was a bit indecipherable at first instance. Later, I realized it was a male singing. I really enjoyed this song, however. And apart from my headphones annoyingly cutting in and out so fucking much throughout first few listens of the track, I was thoroughly enjoying all the vocals, lyrics, melodies, and great tonal arrangement of the song!

The vocals are sharp yet delicate, soft yet harsh. Overall, very sweet. They make you wanna sing along. Kind of like bob your head as well but lyrically you’ll catch yourself wondering why your fucking bobbing your head in the first place? The harmonies are very light and dusty, as they are subtly intertwined in between a great, strong piano piece towards the middle of the track, right before the melting breakdown of the main chorus.

Lyrically, I’m on the fence with this song. I’m not amazed, yet the content is satisfying enough to the point where I’m not pissed off or wanting some weirder form of angry love poetry, or even some random ridiculous indie-pop cries. The main vocal chant of ” if I could just make it stoooooop” is great because the singer is not screaming it more like howling it through our ear canals ever so delicately, but you know in the back of your mind, he wants to scream it. Or if not, you want to!

The melody is very simple, and catchy. I like it a lot. The song has a basic premise that relies on a few chord progressions, but it is the singers delicate vocal switches within the core construction of the main melody that help carry and flow the rest of the song into one solid arrangement like a butterfly flying to the next spot.

The “ahh oo ahh” sound is a real nice gesture towards the melodic tone and visits us here around the middle of the song. Finally, when the drums expectingly disappear all your left with is soft bass and dissonant chattering of light guitar chord strokes. It’s a real soothing mix. Yet, there’s something painful about it all. Following all this is an all-together-now type build up of everyone’s instruments and thus leads to a wonderful crashing finish to the song. Bravo!

The overall arrangement of “just make it stop” is absolutely great. Well composed, and packed along with sweet yet simple lyrics, plus beautiful melodies. It makes for a sure-fire unique indie track that most people can enjoy. I know I sure did. Overall, I’m not thrilled with this track, but having no information on who the fuck these guys are, (apart from about 50+ positive comments online) I am deeply satisfied.

check out the song!


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