02-16-13: opinion – frank ocean🎵

who da fuck is Frank Ocean??

It’s a tough question to answer, but Frank can answer this for you. I’m not going to praise my own work, and say that I ask the best questions. Yet, don’t you think it’s a question that he has went over through his creative noggin at least once. Well Mr. Ocean, is everything okay down there? What is up in Channel Orange world? I’d like to go there, and see what it is really like for a top r&b artist like Frank Ocean to be the prime concern for his stance in not only the music world, but the gay community.

Frank ocean, aka Christopher Breaux is a 25-year-old man hailing from the Cajun City quarters of New Orleans (or ‘Noleans as I like to call it). He is a rather soft-spoken fellow, small in frame, straight-jawed, sporting geeky glasses and a strange hockey jersey. Along the chest of his peculiar garment is a Native American bird on cover, and the word Supreme labeled on the back where the athletes last name would normally go. It’s unique.

They say you that in this world you can make a living, but not a killing. It really seems as if like this is the motto Frank Ocean abides by. His freshman album “Nostalgia ultra” was an underground hit and many r&b fans across the world loved it. It is very quirky sounding, has distinct beats and melodies, and possess several layers of crooning Frank vocals. His voice sounds delicate, and sweet. But i am here to review his new record. The one that is all over various music sites, blogs, and the all too annoying youtube. This presents another story. Yet, there are two stories subtly intertwined into this review of “Channel Orange”, Frank’s sophomore release. What I am talking about today is the new album and Frank’s sexuality. Do they both hold the same weight, when judging the overall musical integrity of this new record?

Well unfortunately, in today’s world, the facet of hip hop naturally possess a stigma of rappers, r&b artists, an the opinion on homosexuality. The typical rapper or r&b artist is seemingly one who is suave, smart and macho. A ladies man. One who is cool, yet contained, brash yet soulful. It’s a strange complex when attempting to label Frank Ocean as one of such integrity. Frank is not (in appearance) anything like R. Kelly or Ginuwine. These guys are legends in the game, but there personalities are much different. Now both of these guys have had they’re share of drama (more particularly R. Kelly) but it really did not seem to matter in the end, as they are still making music to this day. So, why would the same stigma affect Frank Ocean? Why does it matter?

People see being gay in the hip hop world as taboo. It is not common, and not a popular method to break out on to the scene with. Originally, Frank did not straight up “come out of the closet”. He waited it out, made music videos with hot bitches in the mix, and sang swooning, soulful songs about girls causing him heartbreak and hurt. Nevertheless, Frank is who he is, and he is popular as ever.

Based on various interviews, an appearanss, one can tell that he is clearly making the distinction between his personal orientation, and his new music. He is chilling. Laid back, and all swaggering about it. If you don’t believe me, I’ll post the link to the bbc video: artists now of 2012. It pretty much explains everything I’ve been saying. Now. He doesn’t mention his sexuality, but you can tell he’s waiting for the interviewer to ask it or, perhaps he’s just confidently skating over the ice of the topic without falling. That’s so cool.

Good luck Frank and much props coming from Chicago!!


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