02-16-13: opinion – “michael jackson” by das racist🎵

Did you forget about Das Racist?

On Tuesday we talked about these guys yet remember them the Cuban guy that Indian guy and the other Indian guy in the background who really doesn’t do much besides move his hands awkwardly well these guys are back in action with a track titled “Michael Jackson”. The song was off the “Relax” album and I guess it was supposed to be meant as their main single but it sort of flopped in my opinion nevertheless, I like the song but only when I watch the video. As a single auditory artwork, I don’t really enjoyed it.

The song is great the lyrics are really funny and i dig the cool melodies very Indian/Middle Eastern. A stylistic and quirky overall theme which compliments strange cinematography one thats kind of scary and spooky and are a lot of close-ups and short flashes where it looks like the camera is kind of faded, blurry almost old 1970’s style. Overall, there’s a variety of weird figures in short film (if you will) including the Pope and Michael Jackson. This is goofiest, busting moonwalks, doing his moves alongside Das racist.

But I can’t really explain anymore about the song you just going to have to check out the video and make a comment for yourself please don’t forget to comment.


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