02-15-13: re-edit – jazz music in 2013 and beyond?πŸ“πŸ“

πŸ’€…πŸ’€πŸ’€Oh hello. What’s up guys? Where have you been, Omar? Why haven’t you posted in over 3 days Mr? I’ve slacked. No!! I have been sick so cut me slack. I’m back!! I’m healthy!!

Bringin’ it Back to: 02-11-13…The jazz question.

It is time for a question that I popped earlier asking, “does jazz appeal in a mainstream fashion, and/or what are some of the new-age popularized formats we see today??”

Well. Got no answers, got no replies. Made me sad, made me cry (😿😿) but that’s okay!! I’ll answer my own insignificant question on a typically lonely Friday evening, but leads to a perfect setting for jazz music piping through my earbuds!! So really I’m not lonely!!

Well whatever y’all would have said, mmhmm yeah right, here’s my answer: “Aloe Blacc”. The dude is new, fresh, fun, and soulful. To me he screams jazz…err…soulfully croons that jazzy sound we all were introduced to back the old days with all da legends. But check him out. I’ve posted two of his videos on the blog, i think he’s great, and tell me what y’all think!!


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