02-12-13: opinion – songs of the macabre🎵

Have you ever felt down one night, almost depressed, and then decide to play some dark music?

Artists such as: Marilyn Manson, Slipknot, Mudvayne, Coal Chamber… even rock legends we are all familiar with like black sabbath and KISS…They’re presence is everywhere. Many of these acts are so popular that they are outcasted by the “do-good-ers” of society. Yet, remain loved by millions!

Society has always casted its frowning face upon such bold artists of the loud, dark and ghastly, but to myself (as well as others) they just describe elements of pain, fear, or perhaps the unknown, into loud and awesome messages through the songs we’ve all come to love.

Welcome to Cult Classik! An online music blog covering, critiquing, and praising all forms of music. For today… we talk macabre.

When you think of death metal what do ya think? What about gothic metal, or just dark crusaders of rebel rock? What do you think of such acts? And when your in that dark/depressed mood, whom do you put on? Below are a couple I’d play…

song 1: “kick the p.a.” by korn
da vibe: pain & paranoia
song 2: “long hard road out of hell” by marilyn manson
da vibe: hell is calling


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