02-10-13: opinion – bringing it back to the old school🎵

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“Stock is rising, wait don’t scalp the tickets yet
Older white women say I’m very articulate”.
-Kool A.D

How I miss the old days. Days when listening to Das Racist was all I ever did, it really was not too long ago. Those days are gone. Or are they?

It seems as if I haven’t listened to some good rap music in awhile. I’ve been stuck on mainstream mode, hopelessly addicted or maybe even obliged to listen to the repetitive urban ditties of local fm stations. I need some help.

“rapping 2 u” by das racist

Das Racist are a rap duo hailing from one of New York’s infamous burroughs and that’s Queens. One half is “Victor Vazques” also known as “Kool a.d.”, and he’s Cuban and Spanish. And the other half? Well…His name is “Heems” aka “Himanshu Suri” and he’s a North Indian Panjabi. Interesting mix for a rap duo huh?

But what’s so interesting? Well…they rap. Quite well I may add. They’re even much better than your average or well-known rapper. Last year was the time of that true underground hip hop sound mixed with poignant witty lyricism rising beneath New York’s Burroughs. Also, they took an idea from the film Das Boot for the band name.

But onto Das racist.

I want to focus in on a song called “rapping 2 u”. I love this song. It’s my favorite track by the geekish duo, and the lyrics are filled with funny lines, clever phrases and rediculous past praises. I started out this piece with a line from kool ad, and it just barely hints at the goofiness soon to come within a four minute span!

The song covers various topics ranging from infamous pop culture icons such as Nikki minaj, Blondie and Jon B. Attempting to analyze this crazy intellectual mix of eclectic yet goofy lyrics was going to be an arduous task no doubt, so I decided to dissect the song Cult Classik style.

The recipe: you take one part heems, one part kool ad, sprinkle in a little bit of hype from dapp (whose the hidden third member hypeman), and throw it all into a beat from Sha-leik and you have one tasty track, ready to be devoured, time after time.

First half: heem’s rapping. Let him rap to you.He’s clever, funny, and lets you know that “white people love me like they love Subarus”. Also, he mentions how is “eyes are droopy like Scooby Doo”. Apart from his pop culture cartoon references, and racial sneeks, he analyzes his ethnicity alot, which happens to be, Panjabi, and it helps to solidify his presence in the group and the rap/hiphop community he’s found himself in.

Throughout the song, we hear heems rapping ethnic lines such as this:“Kalidasa, across the Kalistai”and not many people may be able to define this subject matter Himanshu spits about. I find this interesting because I’m quite aware of the various specific ethnic identities heems divulges, but to some rap fans who are unfamiliar with his ethnic references, it could detract from Heems rap appeal and swagger. The hip-hop heads may me surprised when they first see Himanshu in a youtube video, or maybe one of their over-the-top yet creative music videos. Some may not expect to see a “brown man” with an elvis hairstyle, dressed in a torn tie-die, or they may be surprised to hear his rediulous but meticulous raps howling through the microphone.

2nd half: kool ad’s lyricism. “Probably even Nikki Minaj would massage me If I got a fade into my beard like I was John B.” It’s words like these that make me a loyal Das Racist fan. Now I, must admit…I haven’t listened to these guys in almost a year. It sucks. But I’m back! Kool AD is my favorite emcee of the group. Like I said, they’re two rappers and together they make a great duo of whom which fire fast and witty lyrics about random pop culture icons. Now, kool ad represents to me, the more intellectual side of Das Racist, and also the more lax member of the group. He does a great job at referencing the pop culture side of life, while throwing in some details of his lovelife, dating, and girls. Heems brings back the cultural identity moreso.

3rd part?: Lakutis. He’s the guest rapper featured on this track. Sporting a blue and white tank-top, on a frail, and skinny frame, Lakutis looks more like a stigmatic white-boy skater, rather than a hip-hop emcee, but boy can he can rap his ass off! Like heems and kool a.d., he spits about similar subjects like pop culture, nostalgic cartoons and quirky romances, but he definitely has his own style.

One of my favorite lines he contributes to “rapping 2 u” states “Sexy Lexi —asked me what the address be depress be makin’ a face Dizzy Gillespie”. I love this line, because of the pure imagery it’s puts into your head, you can almost imagine the bulging face of Dizzy Gillespie. Apart from his ability to home in on sharp lyrical wording, and catchy lines, his delivery is good, and flow is decent.

Overall, check the albums out, check the song out, check the silly duo out!


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