02-01-13: review – “swimming pools (drank)” by kendrick lamar📝

song: “swimming pools (drank)” by Kendrick Lamar

“Swimming Pools” ascends into a strange arrangement of lyrics primarily focused on drinking. This is just not a song about drinking but more getting wasted. A strange song because when I first heard it I thought Kendrick was singing about the ghetto urban lifestyle. Nevertheless, Lamar is talking about getting plastered.

A piece of the lyrics spans the theme of drinking hard. A narcissistic manner of binging on alcohol. The real sting point of the song is the hook. “Nigga why you only babysitting only two or three shots. I’m gonna’ show you how to turn it up a notch”. This segment if lyrics bothers me in the sense that it promotes the drinker you are the cooler you are. The hidden meaning of the song maybe that Kendrick’s privately an alcoholic or this is a slice into his past.

The song bare bones is catchy-melodic and very rappish. (For lack of a better phrase), and has a amazing beat. The stripped instrumental itself is flowing and catchy. But the problem is the lyricism by Lamar is not anything special. To strengthen this notion is that, I could see this as a “Jeezy” track. That’s what really angers me.

Now, I don’t neccessarily get angry when I listen to this track, (I hear it everyday on the freakin’ radio, but the song is just overall lacking that raw, emotional rap essence!

The lyrics remain lame, boring, and frail. Truly, I wish the song could be better, but Kendrick makes this so hard to be because his aim is more of a club anthem for sociopathic-alcoholics, rather than a raw and catchy rap-track for the true hip-hop fanatics! Like myself!

Overall, kendrick leaves us with very upsetting lyrics, really boring subject matter, and it leaves me feeling devoid of that true hip-hop/rap essence.

(*) 1 star! not classik!


One thought on “02-01-13: review – “swimming pools (drank)” by kendrick lamar📝

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